Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.

Krishna Pattabhi Jois

Join this yin & yang yoga workshop to connect mind & body & explore different types of movement anchoring to the breath. Suitable for beginners to intermediate practioners. Bring a pen, journal, water, yoga mat & any supporting cushions, blankets, blocks or straps to help take you deeper into your practice.

Upcoming Dates: TBC

Venue: Llansannor Community Hall*

Time: 14:00-16:30

Price: £25

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*Workshop is limited to 10 people & booking in advance is required to secure your place.

Starting with a slow yin practice we will set a personal intention for the practice, tuning into where you are at in the moment. Holding poses for up to 5 minutes & embracing stillness. Allow the physical body to surrender under gravity, releasing fascia, ligaments & tendons anchoring to the breath & intention. Wrap up warm & stretch as we slowly begin to open up the body.

We will take a short break to reflect before moving into a faster paced practice following the Ashtanga Modified Primary sequence developed by Larry Schultz. Introducing the ujayii breath or victorious breath we will move through sun salutations & a set of standing & seated asanas with modifications to adapt the practice.

The final yoga sequence will follow the relax & unwind vinyasa flow style. Movement will slow down as we ground back to the earth & tune into the energy within, connecting back to your intention.

To close there will be a guided pranayama practice through breath & bhandas including time to find your own rhythm.

We will settle into a savasana with a full body scan with time at the end to connect through a sharing circle.